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(In development) A short top-down pixel art game which follows the story of two ecologists studying quail in the Sierra Nevada. For best experience, run in Chrome. After entering fullscreen, click the screen to activate controls. 

Arrows or "wasd" to move. Hold shift to walk faster. Space bar to interact. 

Development log


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I really love the progress and can’t wait to see more! I’ve only encountered one bug so far while playing, excellent work!


Glad you like it! More to come soon. Out of curiosity, what was the bug you found? We are keeping track of things we need to fix. Thanks!

When I open the field guide in one place to “IDENTIFY” in the second area of the game, a tree appears over the field guide instead of appearing behind it. I’ll post a picture in a little bit to show you where it is specifically.

It's nothing major, I just thought I would let you guys know. This is just to the left of the campsite.


Wonderful, thanks! Just fixed it and updated itch.io. Those pesky trees have a habit of getting on the wrong layer.. 

theres nothing in the book? or its in progress?


That's what we are raising money for with our Kickstarter! We want to hire professional artists for the field guide pictures. Thanks for the visit. 



We are running a Kickstarter right now to fund the field guide artwork! http://kck.st/2ZnOGAU